Women’s Coffee morning & Support Club

Fully involve women in all aspects of the work of YCA Birmingham such as Women’s Club. In addition, English language support and advice.

The YCA started brand new program specially for women’s whom lives in Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Balsall Heath and Small Heath. 

This program takes place every Friday from 9am to 12:30 pm  ((women’s Coffee Morning and support club )) this  program targeting  women’s above 40 year old, its also  designed to help women’s to gain help and to benefit socially , educationally and health care. It’s also will help women’s  to build their confidence and give them a great opportunity to relay on them self’s, some of theses women’s don’t get involve in any other activities or any  other social events. 

Most of them don’t have the confidence to go out for shopping or even to take the police transport to visit a friend. Therefore we at the Yemeni community association providing many activities to help making a better healthy community.

Women’s are happy with this program and every week we see increase in theirs numbers

The objectives of this program are:

  • Socialise and come to know each other
  • Share ideas and enjoy breakfast and coffee together
  • Get Support in Education: Literacy, Numeracy IT Basic skill
  • Improve basic skills in the community language
  • Get Support in Benefits and Application Forms
  • Develop awareness in Health and Nutrition
  • Borrow Books from the YCA library
  • Learn some motor skills Knitting , Sewing & Embroidery
  • Play Games like tennis, chess..etc
  • Enjoy drawing and colouring
  • Learn Calligraphy skills