Our Services

We offer a range of services to serve the local community and the main focus is on the following areas: education, language, clubs, IT, sports, health, consultation, family/social support and general advisory.


Raise educational standards across the community. We hold a homework club, run ESOL classes for women and basic IT skills.


Encourage healthy lifestyles and that includes obesity, high blood pressure, exercise, nutrition, reduction in use of medicines.

Social Activities

We provide social activities such meetup, learning activities, culture & cohesion events for all age groups including elderly.

Advice & Guidance

Sustain and develop the Advice and Guidance service in health, education and social welfare to serve the whole community.


Develop a cultural identity within which children and young people are able to reconcile and harmonize their Yemeni and British roots.


Fully involve women in all aspects of the work of YCA Birmingham such as Women’s Club. In addition, English language support and advice.